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Fire baskets

We make a range of fire baskets fire dogs pokers and fireside accessories.  Your own design can be made, if you have a particular theme or idea for your fireplace.

 The fireplace in your home will be the  focal point and our fire baskets are designed to be attractive at all times.

Fire baskets range from £150

We can make any accessories you might require to match your fireplace, or you can choose from a range of individually designed pokers, toasting forks, log rollers, fire dogs and other fireside accessories..

Uplowman Fire Basket from £150


Fire dog


Arts and crafts copper fireplaces

We can make a fire surround to your design


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A large fire basket, with two firedog supports.
H760 x W1220 x D520mm
Price: £475 

Complete Fireplace with Canopy, Fire back, Basket and Mulling Firedogs
Fire screen
48" x 27"
Hand forged  companion set
rams head

Log basket

For an opening
4'6 w x 27" h
Fire basket
30" wide overall x 14" deep
Fire basket £320 back £250
Fire basket and
Mulling Firedogs
Fire basket 20" w x 12" d
Fire basket £260
Fire dogs £180
Round Fire basket ideal for Central Fireplace
20" diameter
Fire Basket with Back
30" x 15"
Fire dogs £180

Central Fire basket
24" x 14"
Fire Tools
Fire basket and Dogs
Fire Basket 22" x 12" d
Fire Basket £240
Fire Dogs £189
Back £130
Fireplace Set  
Canopy 36" w x 24" d x 32" h
Screen 48" w x 27" h
Canopy £280
Screen £180
Fireplace with built in back
18" x 12"
24" diameter

Fixed Fire Guard with Doors
Fire basket
30" x 14"
Basket £150 Dogs £120

Fire basket
20" x 12"
Basket £190 Dogs £110
Fire basket
18" x 12"

Custom made iron and steel work from our forge in Devon,     Fire accessories  Trivet, Toasting fork, log roller


 a 4-piece companion set with hand-forged handles.
Price: £215.00

Fire screens   Fire dogs   Accessories           

Traditional fire basket.
Price £200.00
Fire Basket,
Fire Canopy,
Traditional fire basket.
H320 x W460 x D360mm
Price: £245.00
Fire Screen,

traditional fire basket.
H270 x W470 x D360mm

 Traditional fire basket.
H300 x W600 x D400mm
Code: F1B24
Price: £275.00


ball finials and a central twist at the front. Featured in Burnished Steel finish, also available in Matt Black.
H310 x W485 x D340mm

Price: £180.00
H340 x W650 x D420mm
Price: £245.00

Completely hand-forged,  A practical, safe fire screen that looks good even in the summer.  Matt Black finish.
H600 x W600 x D180mm

Price: £215.00
H760 x W900 x D180mm

Price: £260.00

 Matt Black finish.
H600 x W800 x D180mm

Price: £199.00

 Matt Black finish.
H750 x W1000 x D180mm
Code: F540
Price: £219.00

 Matt Black finish.
H400 x W300 x D400mm
Code: F4D
Price: £130.00

 Matt Black finish.
H420 x W250 x D400mm
Code: F6D
Price: £120.00


H660 x W320 x D640mm

Price: £219.00


A wide range of fire baskets is designed and forged by Dean Aggett A common theme can be used in both basket and irons - sizes can be adjusted to suit.


Dog Grates and fire Baskets
All our fire baskets or "dog" baskets are designed to hold coal or wood logs and are also used for decorative purposes.

They are a wrought iron free standing grate and back that sits inside a fireplace opening.

Dog Grates and Baskets Dog Grates and Baskets Prices

The Georgian  £215.00

The Clyde
 Iron Fire Basket. £220

The Castillo
Iron Fire Basket  £230

The Griffin
Iron Fire Basket in the Early Victorian Style.

The Fraserburgh
Iron Fire Basket in the Georgian Style
The Garland
 Fire Basket with extended dogs. T

The Southwell

18" Swans Nest fire Basket
18" Swans Nest fire Basket. Suitable for use with firedogs.

25" Swans Nest fire Basket
25" Swans Nest fire Basket. Suitable for use with fire dogs.

30" Swans Nest fire Basket
30" Swans Nest fire Basket

 Twist fire Dog Irons
A pair of hand forged  fire basket dogs.  Suitable for large and small fire baskets.

Scrolled Dog Irons
 Iron Fire Dogs  Suitable for small and large fire baskets.

Rams head  Iron Fire Dogs
A pair of forged iron fire dogs  Top of each dog feature a hand forged rams head. 
£ 240

 Dragon head Fire Dogs
  Finished with a highlight polish to accent the details.
£ 240